Yoga.....FOR LIFTERS....8 Week Course

  • Instructor: Kate Bennett

  • The Conditioning Centre, 14 St Clements Rd, Poole, BH15 3PD

  • Tuesdays at 6:30-07:30am. Starting 9th of January 2018 and running for 8 consecutive weeks 

Finally a Yoga Course Designed Specifcally to Help People Who Lift and Train Hard.....
Are you constantly struggling with your catch in the Snatch or Clean & Jerk?
Do your joints and back hurt on a daily basis?
Do you feel like your mobility is holding you back from getting new PB's?
Would you Love to actually look after your body and feel like it gets valuable recovery time, rather than constantly beating it up with hard training?
If you answered YES to any (or all!) of those questions our Yoga For Lifters 8 Week Course could be PERFECT for you.
It will help you solve the issues that are getting in the way of your lifting progress....and it will help you stay injury free and training hard in the long term.
Why should I do yoga?
I know what you're thinking
"How is an hour of stretching on a mat listening to dolphin music going to help me hit new PR's, increase my mobility and reduce my constant muscle soreness?"
Firstly yoga isn't "stretching", it's so much more potent than that....
....It uses focused breathing patterns with isometric contractions that drive improvements in flexibility, mobility, body control and strength.
It's something that your body just isn't getting right now that can unlock some huge improvements. Here's how it's going to help you improve your:
1. Flexibility
Struggling with the Overhead Squat Shoulder Position? Are people calling you out on your squat depth?.....Targeted Yoga moves will improve the strength and stability of your shoulder and extension of your upper back, so your body feels confident to hit the right positions and you can load it pain free.  We'll also target your hamstring mobility, decompression of the spine and increase your hip range to let you get deep and remain strong in your squats and deadlifts.
2. Build strength
You're working hard and getting under the bar all the time, but your big lifts just aren't improving? ....Yoga switches on stabilising muscles that you don't use in your standard lifting routines while also strengthening your core. It draws oxygen into the muscles helping them perform better and more efficiently. This potent, but subtle change to your body gives it the support and energy it needs to release it's full force in the big lifts without being held back by limitations.
3. De-stressing
We're all guilty of rushing around trying to squeeze in a workout before or after a full day at work and forget to take time to wind down.....Yoga allows you to take time specifically for yourself to relax and refresh. The mental gains from this stimulus will boost your hormones, energy and performance throughout the week.
4. Recovery
Are you constantly sore? Does your warm up always take forever because your body feels like a car crash before each session?....Yoga helps flush out excess lactic acid in over-worked muscles, lower stress levels and encourage active recovery. It'll reduce the likelihood and length of your DOMS from training and will stop you feeling like a train wreck in the morning!
5. That Mobile and Athletic Feeling
We do all this training because we want to feel athletic, but you're always too beat up to actually experience that. Imagine if you actually felt as good as you wanted to for all the hard work you put in.....Yoga for lifters will finally help you do that.
This Course Is The Perfect Way For You To Strike That Balance And Will Give You The Performance Boost That Simply Doing More Training Will Never Provide.

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We're only taking 5 more people from Tuesday 9th January.

This 8 Week Course Is Just £119

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In 8 Weeks Time You Could Be Hitting The PB's You've Been Working Towards For Months.